Social media-How much we know about it?

Facebook and Twitter two of the most used social media platform in India. Facebook and twitter was developed mainly for connecting people and making friends from all around the world.This platform help connect to the people around the globe with just a click.It was a great fun being on social media at that time,but is it same now? Things have been change so fast now, that social media is not just a place to chill out with friends it has become much more than that.It has become a place for marketing,advertising and selling products by the business enterprises.Businesses know that how diversify and wide this network has been spread and the rate of transfer of information is also very fast on this channels.Thus with the help of social media platform companies are able to bring more customer towards their products.

That’s it , Is social media Platform are limited up to this only? 

The answer is ‘No’ it has much more to do in our life, we can’t ignore the fact that how social media is affecting our life in one or another way. What we see or showed on this platform are for certain purpose.A post or content shown regularly on every platform just to make a strong impact on the minds of the people.That’s why it is very important to understand the context of the post or topic, that has been shown on the the social media Platform and to anticipate what are the other side of context. At currently it is seen that we have been spending so much of our time on social media that we aren’t aware of the issues that are been a considered with national interest. Our awareness about the society and other issues is limited up to only what we see on social media.Especially the youth their mind has been brainwashed with certain post that only promote hate against other community. Making them believe that their existence is only for the purpose of fighting and protecting their community. Thus this is just a example from the society . But this all things makes us think “Is social media manipulating youth?”

I guess it is very clear that how social media platform has planted hatred in minds of youngsters. Youth fighting and abusing each other over a social media post just because something that has been posted is not befitted with their thoughts. Suddenly a group of lefts and rights is created and everyone started bullying, harassing and abusing each other despite knowing that it is not going to change anything. Their argument on social media is just a medium to divert their minds and get involved in unnecessary arguments on social media and waste their time. 

How Can We Stop This ?

 Well it can only be stop by one, when they realizes that it is of no worth. Abusing and arguing others, over social media platform will not help us in any type of development. Despite of this one can use public speaking, participate in debate and become a part of proper group discussion which would really help an individual in his development. 

It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.


Is Media becoming a TRP Concentrated ?

#republictv #TRPscam #exposed #fraudmedia

On 8th October 2020 one of the greatest scam has been exposed by Mumbai police, one of the reputed national media channel Republic TV has been exposed by the the Mumbai police commissioner Param Bir singh. He said that the conspiracy to manipulate TRP to boost ratings and advertisement revenue, that was exposed by the Mumbai Police today, could be a pan-India fraud.

Though Republic TV has always been in question mark regarding their News or bulletin they used to run on their show,it was always seen that this channel always have a topic which is far from the current situation and the topic which is successful in bringing more audience were used to be on aired for long time.Republic TV editor-in-chief Mr Arnab Goswami claims that allegation that has been put by the Mumbai police Commissioner Param Bir Singh are false and Arnab has said that he is going to drag the Mumbai Police commissioner to the court for defamation of his and his channel image and fight till the justice has been made.

Till now no further update has been made but about the case. Mumbai police commissioner has said they are soon going to interrogate the Republic TV editor and other who are directly or indirectly associated with this case.

How important is an opposition in a democratic nation?

We have come to a situation where asking this question is become neccesary “How important is an opposition to a democracy”.

From the past few years it has been heard regular that the word like “Democracy is dying, Death of Democracy” are said in the country. Now the question arises why is so , why regularly this statement are made by the different political leaders.

Lets go back to few days and recall all the incident happened, it was in Rajya sabha government forcefully passing Farms bill and when the opposition opposed and walkout the sessions,still there were several bills passed like( The Indian Institutes of Information Technology Laws (Amendment) Bill; The Essential Commodities (Amendment) Bill; The Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill; The Companies (Amendment) Bill; The National Forensic Sciences University Bill; The Rashtriya Raksha University Bill and The Taxation and Other Laws (Relaxation and Amendment of Certain Provisions) Bill)without having debate on such bills.

Government claiming that bills passed are beneficial for the country, is it so then how come someone will be able to know that the bills are in favor of them or not. If it is not discussed in the parliament, how the flaws of the bill could be corrected if it is not put on a discussion in the parliamentary session.

OPPOSITION – Is it good or bad ?

Opposition has the power to directly question government on issue related to public and their well being, if opposition feels that the policy brought up by the government are not in the interest of public or harming any section of society then they have the right to oppose that bill from becoming law. Just imagine if there is no opposition then who will questioning government because public don’t have the right to question government they can only protest once the law has been made .

One thing everyone has to understand that we elect a party to form government and the elected government has to work for us, but the party which has not been elected or not able to come to the power still they have to have to work for the public interest.

So the question still remain the same and answer of this question,I would love to know from the audience.

Are asymptonic patient a major reason for rising cases in India?

As the cases are rising in the country, and makes the current situation more worsen. Doctor and frontline workers are trying to control the situation but still it is getting out of hand. As on the today tally there is a rise of almost 65000 cases in a single day, and as for the past 4 days the average daily rises is above 60000.Which could be get more worse as for the upcoming times.

One of the major reason for rise in covid cases may be the asymptomatic patient, as we know that asymptomatic patient doesn’t develop any symptom of covid-19 but still they have been infected or prone to have infected. Such asymptomatic patient come to contact with others and thus virus spread through one person to other. Asymptomatic patient are still the tough chapter which government doesn’t have any idea or method to deal with it, though there are several guidelines for such category of patient. But then comes the big problem of execution and monitoring.

As the government knows that the asymptomatic patient have been recovering of their own that may be reason the centre doesn’t seems to consider this as a big problem.

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